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Zoloworld Presents...The Largest Comic & Toy Expo In Bucks County!!

Zolocon Toy & Comic Expo is back to The Fuge for our 20th event. This show is for collectors of comics spanning from the Golden Age until Now. As well as toys and action figures from the 60s to the Present. Expect to see scarce and rare collectibles only seen in magazines! Independent Toy Makers! Convention Only Exclusives! Win prizes! Custom / Makers Toy Contest! Comic Artists!Special Guests! Mego | Masters Of The Universe | Remco | G.I. Joe | Transformers | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Speclatron | Flexatron | Thundercats | WWE / WWF | Super Heroes | Super Villains... and so much more!" Take The Time Machine & Relive The Nostalgia" at the One and ONLY Zolocon Expo!

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