Zolocon Vendors and Guests

Comic Con and Toy Show in Bucks County Pa.
Prepare to see toys, comics, cards, posters, designer toys, prints, artist commissions and so much more! If you have never been to any of our events, you will be an instant fan after the first! Be sure to check our previous Comic con toy shows pics.

Vendors and Guests!

Zoloworld Toys and Action Figure Protective cases
Realm Of The Underworld
Four Horsemen Studios
The Power & The Honor Foundation
DK TV / Doom Kick
Collector Archive Services
Rampageo Industries / The Exciting World Of Jaldoon
Victory Comics And Toys
West Point Toys And Comics
Toys And Toons
Brooke's Nook
Jackowick Toys
Arsenal Models
Raiders Of The Lost Toys
Range Family Comics & Collectibles
Toy and Comic Heaven
Ht game and chill
Playful Dad's Initiative
Dark Knight Toys
3D Printing By Muckychris
Rosendale Retro
Heroes Unlimited
Geek Boy Press
Butter Side Down
Digital Realm Models
Tinkerbeee Toys
Heroes Online
I Remember That Vintage Toys
Alternate Dimension Toys
Phantasm Comics
The Vampire Robots
And Much Much more!

Artists and Guests:
Bob Sharen (The Legendary Marvel Colorist ; Zolocon X Mini Comic Cover)
Robert Bruce (AMC Comic Book Men)
The Award Winning Four Horsemen Studios
The Frank Frazetta Museum
Chris Faccone (Savage Conquest / Realm Of The Underworld)
Chris Campana (First World / Realm Of the Underworld)
Criss Madd
Christian Espiritusanto
Tevin Gomez
Atra Messor Art
Arash Zandieh
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